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Summer Programs

Green Oaks is pleased to offer summer opportunities for individuals from age seven through their adult years!

Green Oaks Summer 2019 is designed for individuals from age seven through their school years.
GOAL (Green Oaks Adult Learning) Summer 2019 offers a full summer of adult education programs.

Admissions Criteria
All individuals that attend summer programs at Green Oaks must meet our admissions criteria. For individuals with whom we are unfamiliar, there will need to be an interview/personal visit with school staff. If you are unsure if an individual meets the following criteria, call the school at 817-861-5000.
  1. Individuals must be free from significant medical or physical concerns.
  2. All individuals are to be completely and independently toilet trained. 
  3. Individuals must be free from significant behavior concerns. Individuals demonstrating behaviors that are harmful or disruptive to the Green Oaks community will not be admitted and may be dismissed if behaviors emerge after acceptance.
  4. Individuals must be school age and should not be enrolled in any GOAL programs.

For additional information about Green Oaks Summer 2019, email or call 817-861-5000.
Note: Summer participants need not be enrolled during the school year.