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Green Oaks Education and Support, Inc. consists of three programs, Green Oaks School, Green Oaks Adult Learning, and Green Oaks Life Prep--coming soon.

Green Oaks School

Green Oaks School is a Christian-based school for individuals with intellectual disabilities, elementary ages through adults, who do not have serious medical involvement or significant behavior challenges.

The primary focus of our school is to teach at the level of ability and interest of our students. We offer math, reading, writing and basic social studies. In addition, the students receive instruction in art, music, computer skills and physical education. Our students are afforded the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and often make great social gains in addition to academic growth.

Green Oaks Adult Learning

Green Oaks Adult Learning, GOAL, is a unique Christian educational program designed for adults with intellectual disabilities who have completed their secondary education plan. They, along with their families, desire participation in a program with a continuing emphasis on academics, social skills, vocational training, and additional life skills.

The primary objective of the GOAL program is to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation for the gifts of the individual in a place where opportunities for continued growth and development are available. In addition, GOAL offers adults with intellectual disabilities a place for social interaction with their peers. The adult program is year round.

While some families will pay through private funds, a significant portion of the fees may be covered by a Medicaid Waiver Program (HCS, TxHML, CLASS, etc.). Because there are a variety of part time options available, each family will be able to create a program within their budget.

Green Oaks Life Prep

Green Oaks Life Prep is a Christian higher education program for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Students are provided the opportunity to develop personalized, increased independence living in a dormitory; receive specific vocational training leading to employment; grow in their faith as they deepen their relationship with Christ; and become contributing members of an inclusive community.

Summer 2024