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Club 321

Adult Social Club

In order to address the growing need for social engagement and the possibility of developing friendships and/or romantic relationships with others, Green Oaks School in Arlington, Texas and the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas came together to form Club 321, an adult social club. It was our hope that this club would be yet another way to support individuals over the age of 18 with Down syndrome and similar intellectual disabilities in living out their dreams. 

Club 321 holds two to three events a month. Some of our events include: karaoke, bowling, movie night, swim party, talent show, going out to eat, basketball, game night, annual Prom, Masquerade Ball, and 50’s Sock Hop. Our events usually take place on a Friday or Saturday night and last for two and a half hours. Dinner is provided at most events, except at dances. Each participant must RSVP by email for each event. In addition, each member is expected to pay $5.00 for each meeting/activity. Members, paid staff (coaches), and volunteers attend, while no parents or caregivers are allowed to stay for the events. This gives the members an opportunity to be independent and interact with their peers in their own way and at their own pace. It also gives the members' parents and caregivers a night off.

Participation in Club 321 requires membership. Prospective members are required to fill out an application for membership. The application consists of three forms, the "membership application" form, the "family member information" form, and a medical release form.

To be approved for admission, an individual must meet the following criteria:
-be a minimum age of 18
-independently manage all self-care needs (including toileting and eating)
-be able to be left without one-to-one supervision
-consistently follow directions from a variety of people in a variety of locations
-have a desire to participate in such a group
-have no significant medical or behavioral concerns

For more information about Club 321, email or check out the Club 321 Facebook page.