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Green Oaks Life Prep




Why a higher education program for people with intellectual disabilities?
1. Expectations for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are much higher than they were in the past. 
2. People with IDD can have jobs, decreasing the level of need for government financial support.
3. People with IDD are the future homeless.  They are now outliving their parents.  They can have the ability to live more independently if given the tools and the opportunity.
The Mission of  Green Oaks Life Prep is to equip students with intellectual disabilities to live meaningful and purposeful lives that are  rooted and established in Jesus Christ.  Students are provided the opportunity to
1) develop personalized independence;
2) receive specific vocational training leading to employment;
3) grow in their faith as they deepen their relationship with Christ and live as disciples for Him; and
4) become contributing members of an inclusive community.
Foundation I:  Independence
Year 1:  Dormitory-style buildings with two students sharing a room.  Common kitchen and laundry. Directed teaching and supervision of all independent living skills.
Year 2:  Continued dormitory living with two students sharing a room.  Common kitchen and laundry. Additional meal-planning and preparation responsibilities.
Year 3:  Individual apartments for two residents with a complete kitchen.  Close proximity for support, as needed
Foundation II:  Employment
Education (three years of intensive hands-on training) leading to gainful employment in these two areas:
1.  Hospitality/Culinary Arts
2.  Horticulture
Potential future areas of study include Office Skills, Animal Care and Child Care.

Foundation III:  Faith
Bible lessons and studies; church attendance in the community on Sunday mornings; discipleship training; helping students develop a biblical worldview; service learning.

Foundation IV:  Community
Local concerts; church involvement; activities with students from other colleges (UTA, etc.); Unified Special Olympics; internships, etc.
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For more information, contact 817-861-5000 or
Jean Jewell, Executive Director Leigh Weedman, Director of Education


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