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Green Oaks Adult Learning

Program Fees

Application Fee*                                         $75    Due upon submission of a new application to GOAL.
Enrollment Fee*                                         $100  Due at the time of enrollment after initial acceptance.
Re-Enrollment after Withdrawal*            $100  Due after an absence of more than two weeks.
Updated Re-Enrollment*                          $75     Due annually when paperwork and forms are updated.
Summer Only Enrollment Fee*                $50    Applies to participants enrolled during summer months only.
Schedule Change Fee*                               $25    Due when schedules are changed by the family.
Late Pick-up Fee* (after 1:35 or 5:35)**  $25   
Pathway Early Drop Off Fee*                    $5      For drop off before 11:45 a.m.
Drop-In Module Fee*                                 $35    For those who wish to attend an additional module--
                                                                                 requires one full day notice.
HCS and TxHML Billing                              $25/mo.
Activity & Supplies Fee                               $12/mo.

*All fees are non-refundable.  Enrollment fee does not apply to those participants on CLASS.
**Does not apply to those riding Handitran.

Additional options are available:
                                     Daybreak       7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.                                                             $5/day
                       Morning Vanpool       Northeast & South Fort Worth, subject to availability       $5/ride
                    Afternoon Vanpool       Northeast & South Fort Worth, subject to availability       $5/ride


Program Cost

Foundation (Module I), Thrive (Module II) or Pathway (Module III):
The cost for the program is dependent upon the number of modules chosen each week. If you receive money from a Medicaid Waiver program, dayhab funds may be applied to the cost of the program.
                                            Cost:        9 or 10 modules per week, $25 each
                                                             7 or 8 modules per week,   $27 each
                                                             5 or 6 modules per week,   $30 each
                                                             3 or 4 modules per week,   $32 each
                                                             1 or 2 modules per week,   $35 each